Mike Kelley- President

With over 39 years experience in the construction industry, Mike is the heart and soul of our company.  His plethora of knowledge and experience bound together make for a solid foundation for our company to stand on.  Mike is active in all aspects of our business including marketing, sales estimating, safety, pre-construction and construction throughout the duration of each project.  He has worked diligently over the years to develop and secure relationships within the industry to make sure there is work to be done.  He is a leader in every aspect of our company and strives to pass on his qualities to a younger generation and succeed the foundation he has so proudly built over the years.

Mike's successes outside of business exemplify the qualities he brings to the workplace everyday.  His family, of which he is so proud of, consists of a wife of
 forty- seven years,  three children, and seven grandchildren.  His commitment to the important elements of his personal life bleeds over to his life in business.  He strives to maintain balance and live life with integrity and professionalism at home and in the workplace.
Daniel Kelley-Vice President

When it comes to the success of a company, a great leader is succeeded by a great future leader.  A successor builds upon the foundation that was laid before him and makes it stronger with pride and commitment.  Daniel is the future of M. Kelley Construction, Inc.  Daniel started with the company shortly after earning a degree at Oklahoma State University.  He brings to the table a life of observation in the construction industry since he is the son of Mike Kelley.  His commitment and determination to be great at what he does has led him to excel in this business in a limited amount of time.  His willingness to learn all aspects of  the industry has allowed him to grasp a wide array of construction knowledge and be an integral part in the completion of all our projects.

Juggling business and family is not an easy task, but Daniel has managed to excel at both.  He has a wife of twenty-one years and two beautiful teenage girls.  His devotion to being a wonderful husband and father are apparent in his everyday choices.  His same devotion to being successful in our company has put him on a path to a solid foundation.